We Provide One Stop Logistic Services.

With over two decades of experience providing logistics solutions to large-scale enterprises throughout the globe, we offer end-to-end logistics.

We Provide Service Across The Globe

We offer a Global Logistics Network with our worldwide offices and also high-quality distribution facilities which are staffed by dedicated teams of the top experts. We have more than two decades of experience in this field.

Fast Service

You benefit from every innovation, whether it involves a simple extension to our Air and Ocean Freight products, whether it means a development in warehousing.

Safe Delivery

You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations.

24/7 Support

All of this explains why you’ll find the team of outstanding support at alimex logistics ready to apply their passion for solutions in support of your business.

Quick Tracking Service

With a global network and advanced logistics solutions, we provide quick track and trace service

we are an advanced company

Using High Technology

  • We Use AI In The Line Leverage our experience in internationa hub distribution, cross-border shipping, and key trade agreements.
  • Order Management Our solutions are tested, proven, and best-in-class.
  • 100% AccuracyGain a competitive edge with our highly specialise, Trade Compliance Team.
We are expert in many industries

Industry Solutions

As one of the leading providers of logistics solutions across the globe, alimex logistics has an immense portfolio of transport and contract logistics solutions that span multiple industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Differentiates alimex logistics From A Traditional Logistic Company?

alimex logistics provides a digital solution for the road freight industry. We eliminate the typical manual processes (multiple emails, long phone calls, chasing down trucks and invoices) and replace them with one centralized platform for all logistics needs. Our online services and automated processes shorten booking time to minutes, reduce manual errors, and provide track & trace technology, making shipping simpler and more efficient.

What Warranties Do I Have For My Shipments?

alimex logistics operates under country-specific freight forward industry terms. We are members of Logistics and Freight Association of Ireland (LFAI). Optimise can also offer specific insurance cover on request. We regularly review our transport providers and only work with professional and experienced carriers.

What is Logistic Management?

Logistics management is a function where a company usually consisting of various shipping and distribution professionals provide services to analyze a company’s supply chain, offer carrier and service options, and provide continued management of all or some areas of a customer’s transportation needs.

What modes and services does alimex logistics provide?

We offer services for international and domestic freight, small parcel shipping, B 2 C solutions, freight and parcel audit and reporting, and overall supply chain management.

What they say

Client’s Testimonial

Our commitment to sustainability helps us reduce waste and share the benefits with
our customers. It permeates the way we do business, driving us to innovate.

  • Just a quick note to acknowledge the outstanding service supplied by alimex logistics with his follow up on e-mails, bills of lading, requests for pricing and his amazing pursuit of late freight forwarders. It is a pleasure to work with him. 

    Jonathan Smith
  • You sent me some of the most hardworking, friendly, quick on their feet individuals that I’ve ever met in my life. If I get married one day, those 6 guys will be my groomsmen!

    David Beckham
  • This alimex logistics team is amazing. Professional, timely, communicative. They work seamlessly and when troubleshooting is needed, they always find the right solution.

    Joseph Martin
  • The service has been nothing short of excellent from start to finish. The container was unloaded at the Logistics Plus warehouse where products had to be sorted & repalletized 

    Kerry Jensen